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Greetings from Peru
Tuesday, 07 October 2014
Thanks for keeping alive the magical music of 90's , which is the best , is no comparing with the music of today, and offering us the possibility the hear a huge variety of hits (many of which i didn't hear by now) everywhere we go. Many people don't know that to have a radio station requires monthly payments with servers , mobile app etc. For sure i will make a donation.
Wednesday, 03 October 2018
Thank you friend for sharing with us all around the globe the euro classic - congratulate you, from Brazil
Tuesday, 07 August 2012
Eurodance forever
Friday, 27 September 2019
DJ Goku
Hello .. I love Eurodance. I speak from Brazil and I have a channel on youtube, which has the greatest diversity of songs from Genero Eurodance. If you can take a look at my channel, I'd be honored. And congratulations to the radioweb. Link Channel : [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]
Tuesday, 06 November 2018


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